The Lutheran Fraternities of America #57 is a fraternal organization interested in you, your family, your Christian faith and your Lutheran Church. Let us all pray that our society will continue to grow spiritually, help our members in their times of need, promote our Lutheran Churches and its charities, and enjoy Christian fellowship. 


On February 15, 1923 a group of ten men, members of St. Peters Lutheran Church, Halfway, Michigan met together to be informed of the principles of the Lutheran Bund of Michigan. At this meeting two men from Trinity Aid Society No. 1 of Detroit, Michigan acted as advisors and informers. The original 10 members were as follows: Wm. F. Hever, John Kethe, Clarnece Harm, Clarence Priehs, George Lenz, Harry Hintz and Gottfried Eschmann.

These men had the foresight of a good organization and accepted acting members until they received their charter on June 1, 1923. As the months went by, these men continued to secure new members. The ups and downs were many, but they did not falter. Many times, the organization wondered how it would survive and continue its mission. Meetings were held in the members' homes with social activities being enjoyed after each meeting. Things were beginning to look bright for this group of men until December 7th, 1941. The United States was at war. Many of the members were some of the first to join the call into the service of our country. Just like in the rest of the country member attendance was low during the war years. However, the fathers of our society held No. 57 together during those war-torn years. When the war was over, the boys started to come home again in 1945 and 1946. The Lutheran Bund changed its name to the Lutheran Fraternities of America No. 57.  With the soldiers home the new LFA #57 started to become alive again. Young men home from leadership roles in the armed forces had new ideas and renewed interest in the society. The basements of members' homes and eventually the church basement became too small to accommodate the renewed interest in the LFA. The Chesterfield Inn and Miller Stein Cafe were rented for meetings. The organization of social activities such as card parties, picnics, minstrel show, fish dinners helped make a change to include more activities for wives and children in the society. 

Memorial Center Groundbreaking

In 1948 it was voted to purchase three lots on Aurora Street adjacent to St. Peter's Church property for the purpose of constructing our own meeting place. The cost of the lots was $2,100 and were 100" by 120". In 1952 a building committee was formed to erect a suitable 60" by 100" building.  The building committee consisted of: Chairman, Carl Gerds Jr., Co Chairman Wm. D. Clyne Jr. members at large: Fred Frueh, Karl Koester, Geo. Reidt, Henry Reichert Jr., Ray Wurm, Herb Gerds, George Reichert, Tom Renkert, Al Lenz, Fred Ireland, Loren Sabrosky, Carl Gerds, Sr. (Ex Offico). These men worked diligently and their efforts produced results. On Sunday, September 19, 1954 the Lutheran Fraternities of America No.57 Memorial Center was dedicated. The total cost was $50,000 and much of the work was done by our members. Our member and trustee, Carl F. Gerd Sr., assisted us in obtaining a cash loan from the National L.F.A. organization. Various activities made it possible to liquidate this loan in 1969.  In 1959, Mt Calvary Society #76 of Detroit requested to transfer into our society. The Memorial Center soon became known as the Home of Christian Fellowship. It has been under the direction of the following dedicated LFA members: Carl F. Gerds Jr., William D. Clyne Jr., Ron Gerds, Milt Howard, Harold Orrell, John Kutz, Gary Odren and Danielle Adam.

Membership in our society has increased greatly since those early years because men and women have worked together to promote the Lutheran Church.  

We are proud to look back on our history and recall that No.57 was once very small group of men with a dream. Today, No.57 is the largest society in the Lutheran Fraternities of America in Michigan. We have actively participated in the National L.F.A..  Carl F. Gerds Sr. faithfully served as our National Trustee for twenty-five years. Thomas Renkert, Edward Weinert, Carl Weinert, and Doris Weinert have held national offices. Society No.57 has been constructive in helping the national organization by introducing the first official flag, securing decals with our coat of arms, providing the first napkins with our seals, and many other innovations.

Remember, the Lutheran Fraternities of America No.57 is a fraternal organization interested in you, your family, and your Christian faith and Lutheran Church. Let us all pray that our society will continue to grow spiritually, help our members in their time of need, promote our Lutheran Church and its charities, and enjoy Christian fellowship.

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