LFA #57 Family Fellowship Event     Saturday May 18, 2024  3:00-8:00pm


Cornhole, fun, fellowship and delicious food were all rolled  into a great LFA #57 event on Saturday May 18th.

 The weather was perfect and the Cornhole competition was fun.  If you were there you would know that a great time was had by everyone and that there were members from at least 6 different churches at the event.  If you didn't come you certainly missed out on being a part of one of the many fun LFA#57 events.   There were 36 cornhole participants and about 20 people who came to watch and enjoy the beautiful sunny day.  Two competitions were run with the top three participants earning prizes. 1st and 2nd place earned Famous Daves BBQ gift cards and 3rd place received an LFA T-Shirt.  In the first competition Steve Buckman was the 1stplace winner, Will Andrade came in 2nd place and Marc and Preston Varnauskas tied for 3rd place.  In the second competition we had a tie for 1st place, Will Andrade and our youngest cornhole participant Sarach Hauss, Eric Hilmer completed the top three places with his 3rd place win.  Tina Johnson who came to watch the fun went home a winner with the 50/50 drawing at the end of the event.   

A big thank you to the many LFA members who helped at the event.

Super Bowl Watch Party Monday February 11, 2024 5:00pm

There was cheering and booing for both teams as well as points scored to win prize money on the LFA#57's squares boards. 

Three projectors showed the game across the entire front wall of the LFA #57 hall, so no one missed any of the action.

There was plenty of friendly banter between the tables as the game heated up.

All the typical game day food was on the menu and it was delicious and the fellowship was even better.

Sign up early for next year's party it could be the Lions we are watching!

Annual Chili Cook Off   Monday February 5, 2024  7:30pm

The February Chili Cook Off was a huge success.  Our judges are savoring each bite  and marking their score sheet.  Keep the bowls straight now and no mixing! 

With so many to choose from how you can possibly determine who will be this year's winner.  

Join us next year and bring your  recipe to the contest.

The votes were counted, and this year's winner was Joann Gerds with her tried and true chili recipe.  Congratulations!

If you like chili don't miss this event next year.

LFA #57's Family Christmas Party Saturday December 9, 2023

Visit from Santa and Exotic Zoo Animals

This is an annual LFA #57 family favorite activity that should not be missed.

Adults and kids alike enjoy the food and festivities at the Christmas parties.

Gather round it is time for the exotic animals to make their appearance. 

This Red Kangaroo was "hoppy" to be petted by Charlie and his dad Brandon.

The Eurasian Eagle Owl takes flight from behind LFA #57 President Drew.  It is fitting that it would be an Eagle since Drew is a Lutheran High East graduate.

What's not to like about petting the leathery hide of an alligator? Just don't get to close to the mouth.

Our youngest 6th month old doesn't know what he is getting into by petting a skunk.

Hey, that was my piece of white Wonder bread. It is Christmas so I guess I will let the groundhog have it as an early present.

Lilly says the cat is out of the bag, this is an awesome event. Hope to see you here next year. 

Thanks for being there with me on this one mom. I thought it would be slimy but it is surprisingly soft and smooth.

No Christmas party is complete without a visit from Santa Claus and an annual family picture.  

Nothing says Merry Christmas like finding a new friend who obviously loves the same beer as you do!

Why don't you join us next year and make some new friends.

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